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An art piece made by WolfGuideTL portraying Saybin and friends in gear from Elden Ring.

About Me

Hello, I'm Saybin the Darp Dragon on Twitch. I am a variety content creator from Canada with a specific interest in: role playing games, shooters, flight and space simulators, and of course dragons!
We are a partnered stream on Twitch with over 7400 followers and a daily average of 75 viewers and rising. I maintain a diverse community with many different age groups and interests including the furry fandom and tabletop. We have successfully managed to raise over $20,000 for charity, founded a stream team called The Darp Legion, and also stream for an amazing team called Furries on Twitch.

Business email:

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Charity Drives

2020 & 2022

Stack Up

In March of 2020 and May of 2022 decided to help Stack Up in raising money for Supply Crates to send out to deployed troops and veterans in need raising approximately $6,300

2019 & 2020


In July of 2020 together with the Edmonton Twitch community we ended up raising an astonishing $18,0000.

Our first event was in February of 2019, my team and I decided to have a guest appearance from my cousin Spider Mabel and raised $2,000 with my community.

Saybin and the community hanging out in VR Chat celebrating the new year.


Our community consists of a wide variety of people from veterans, furries, LGBTQIA+, and more and is actively moderated with the goal of making people feel safe and welcome.


The Discord server always has something going on from people playing games, watching movies, or listening to music in the voice channels. We also have forum posts for various games such as Darktide and Star Trek Online, a channel for talking about tech, a channel for showing off your creations, and more so feel free to join us!


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