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Image of Saybin as a dragon looking like he's holding on to the top of the page looking over it at you.



Beginning as an idea in little Saybin's head, the Aerusan species and Kurzen sub-species are ones that have had years of love put into them with a lore that covers space and dimensional travel, cohabitation with humans, and more with Saybin actively answering questions and expanding things with new ideas and designs for his own OC!

The main defining feature for the Aerusan and Kurzen is the head plate that runs along the top of the head and can have a varying number of points coming off the end. Aerusan may have fur, fins, or sceathers (scale feathers) as well as regular scales that cover their body.

While Kurzen typically don't have powers or the ability to change into a feral form, Aerusan have an endless range of both. Learn more about them by following the button to the Lore page!

Coming soon!

Saybin as an Aerusan in dragon form standing on his hind legs looking to the left.

Why  Aerusan?



Headplates with different horns or your own design! Sceathers, fur, both, or neither! Any colors too!


Any powers you want! Perfectly balanced or relatively overpowered it's your choice!

Sci-Fi friendly!

Between cybernetic augmentation to space and interdimensional travel the options are endless!


Using the lore you can create whatever backstory you want to fit your OC!

Approximate Dimensions - feral

  • Length: 30ft - 50ft (9.14m - 15.24m)

  • Height (to shoulder): 10ft - 15ft (3.04m - 4.57m)

  • Wingspan: 60ft - 80ft (18.28m - 24.38m)

  • Weight: approx. 7 tons

Approximate Dimensions - Morph (Anthro)

  • Length (with tail): 14ft - 20ft (4.26m - 6.09m)

  • Height: 7ft - 9ft (2.13m - 2.74m)

  • Wingspan: 20ft - 30ft (6.09m - 9.14m)

  • Weight: 200lbs - 400lbs (90.71kg - 181.43kg)


Community Creations

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